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Looking for High Quality Online Tutoring?

At iXCEL, we are your premier destination for online tutoring in Dubai! We stand out by offering personalized, expert-led sessions that cater to the unique learning needs of each student. With a focus on excellence, convenience, and a dynamic virtual classroom experience, iXCEL is committed to empowering students to excel academically and unlock their full potential.

Looking for World-Class Homeschooling Support?

Discover a new era of personalized education with iXCEL Homeschooling in Dubai. Our dedicated team of certified educators and advanced online resources ensure a comprehensive curriculum tailored to your child's unique learning style, fostering a love for learning and academic excellence. Choose iXCEL for a homeschooling experience that goes beyond boundaries, empowering students to thrive in a supportive and innovative virtual learning environment.

Your Trusted Education Partner

Scholars International Group, a Dubai-based school group, has been educating children in the UAE for the past 45 years. Our journey began from our first school Dubai Scholars Private School (Al Qusais), which was opened in 1976, to our second school, Scholars International Academy (Sharjah), opened in 2007, to our third school, Clarion School (Al Qouz), opened in 2016, to our newest addition, Early Explorers Nursery (located within the Al Zahia community, Sharjah). Our mission has remained consistent; to enrich the education provision for all children.

45+ Years of